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15 creative ideas to recycle your TeethTab products: Don't throw them away, give them a second life!

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Part of our philosophy is to decrease the environmental impact with alternatives to the lineal life cycle: buy, use, discard. This is why we encourage you to refill our products. However, we know this isn't always possible. This is why we give you a list of options to recycle and reuse the residues generated by our products.

  • Glass containers

All of our tablets and dental floss containers are made of glass with metalic lids. Therefore, there is a great amount of things you can do with them! They are reusable as many times as you want, either for more TeethTab products or other things. We give you a couple of examples:

1. Use them to keep your spices, snaks or food, as pencils or make-up brushes containers... The big or the medium jar can help you with that.

2. Use them to keep needles, buttons, earings, nails and other small things that you might lose. You can even use them as a pillbox! For this, the dental floss or the mini jar might work.

Make the most of them before taking them to the recycling centers of your city.

  • Silica gel packets

Do not throw them into the garbage! This little bags contain Silicon dioxide, a humidity absorbent. We have added them into the TeethTab tablets flascs to keep them safe from humidity, especially in places such as our home, Merida, Mexico. Where can you put them? Here go some ideas:

3. Where you keep your spices and cereals.

4. Inside photo albums so the pictures do not stick to one another after a long while.

5. Behind picture frames to prevent mold growth.

6. Inside your jewelry box or toolbox to prevent them from rusting.

7. In your Teethtabs flasc, to take care of your new tablets whenever you refill it.

The best of all is that you can dry them back by keeping them a couple of minutes in the oven. And voila! you have your very own and new silica gel packets ready to take care of your things.

  • Bamboo products

Our toothbrush has a handle made of 100% biodegradable bamboo. However, in order to do something with it, first you must take the bristles out with tweezers. The bristles can go into an ecobrick* or, if you don't have one, into the plastic bin.

8. As markers for your home garden.

9. Kids can play with them and make art too.(Just make sure there is no mold in them).

Remember that to prolongue the life of our bamboo toothbrush holders and cases it is very important for you to put them out in the sun once a week. This will keep the mold away.

All of our bamboo-made products, including the dental floss, get degraded in 1 to 2 years. Before discarding them in the organic garbage bin:

10. They can be used for compost.

  • Shock-absorbing "beans" for packaging.

To guarantee that your TeethTab products get to you safe and sound, we use biodegradable "beans" made of starch, therefore they are soluble in water, without polluting it. We will show you the best ways to reuse them:

11. They are very good fertilizers! Dissolve them in water and add it to your plants and garden, they will provide a lot of nutrients to them.

12. Kids can use their fingers or a sponge to lightly wet the tips of the beans and create figures and art with them.

If they ever fly out and get lost on the street or a neighbor's garden, just wait for the next rain to fall and watch Mother Nature get rid of them.

  • Carton boxes and paper bags.

The easiest would be to take them directly yo a paper/carton recycling center, right? But what if we can give them a second life? The planet would definitely thank us. Here are some ideas for you to get inspired:

13. Use them for another gift. Add some extra details, a bow, and you have a nice new giftbox.

14. Use them as a container. In the pictures below you can see also paper-roll cartons being reused.

15. Make it into a nice decoration box. Cut the flap, paste a nice thick thread around it and, done! You have a nice container to give any room a special touch.

These are some ideas for you to reuse the "residues" left by our products. Let's get creative and give them a second life!

*The ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed with used plastic. They serve as reusable building blocks to produce various items, including furniture, garden walls and even houses. To get to know them a little bit more, here is a short video for you to watch.

Since we are a Mexican brand, we will also leave some links below for you to get to know some eco and zero waste content creators from our country who talk about this amazing recycling tool.

-In this post by @terrarefill she explains what an ecobrick is and how to make it.

-Go directly into this @noseaswaste's post together with @zamamexicoeco and @bichoverrrde. Here they describe the ideal ecobrick and what to avoid.

-Check @noseaswaste highlights stories. She has collaborated with @zamamexicoeco several times in the construction of houses using ecobricks in different parts of Mexico.

We hope you get the gist and practice a little Spanish 😉. The most important thing is that you learn what an ecobrick is and how to make it correctly. Search for content creators and activists from your country and also locate ecobrick collection centers near you.

Remember, first comes responsible consumption; second comes recycling; at last, with those things we could not avoid nor recycle, comes the ecobrick to "reuse" them. -@zamamexicoeco

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Thank you for reading us.

Your team, TeethTab.

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