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The day to change an element of your drink to take care of the planet is here

That's right, today is the day of not using a straw.

We know that the “No straw, thanks” campaign has been growing for a few years now and is present in our daily lives. However, some of us still prefer to use it for certain drinks. That is why we will show you the most interesting straw alternatives that have emerged to avoid polluting the environment.

In addition to the metal, glass or bamboo straws that we see most frequently..

It has been discovered that the fibers of the avocado seed can be processed into biodegradable straws. These are available in Mexico, in the company BioFase. To know more, click here.

There are also straws made of paper from forests with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, which guarantees that there is no over-deforestation or illegal logging; They're also 100% biodegradable, meaning they will naturally decompose just like a leaf that falls off a tree in nature. These straws are also compostable, so they don't leave any toxins behind.

In Santa Cruz Papalutla, a municipality located in Oaxaca, Mexico, a small workshop which traditionally makes pieces from reeds now is dedicated to cutting, cleaning and polishing the natural tube of this plant so that, in the form of a straw, it is used by humans to drink liquids. The project is called Chika Tiki, and in recent months it has experienced a great expansion. If you want to know more about the project, click here. Here's also their instagram.

Probably in some restaurants you have been offered a tube of raw pasta instead of a straw. This has been another of the ideas to reduce the use of plastic.

Another alternative has been PLA (polylactic acid) plastic, obtained from corn starch, an ecological, renewable and biodegradable plastic material. It is an environmentally friendly material, since it does not require finite and polluting materials such as oil, but still has the characteristics of PET plastic.


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