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5 affirmations for a #zerowaste December

Christmas holidays are traditionally a period of maximum consumption. We tend to go overboard with gifts and food. With these couple of affirmations you can keep the magic of the holidays and have a #zerowaste Christmas.

  1. My gifts will be long-lasting, bought from local and/or eco-friendly stores, and will have the least amount of wrapping.

  2. I will reuse Christmas decorations from previous years.

  3. I will use LED or energy-saving lighting. (Your wallet will also be grateful).

  4. I will use non-disposable tableware. (We know that disposable plates and cups seem to be the best option when having many guests, but the minute each person would take to wash their plate and glass will save the planet many pounds of single-use plastic).

  5. I will celebrate without fireworks. (The explosion of colors and sounds produced by firecrackers, rockets, "volcanoes", 7-color tubes, sparklers, light shows and others, pollute water, land and air by releasing carbon monoxide (CO) and suspended particles ( PM2.5) from nitrates, sulfates and perchlorates that take up to three days to dissipate).

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