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A life in bulk. A #zerowaste guide for beginners and experts.

Nowadays, bulk stores are growing quickly and are an excellent option if you are starting or continuing your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Shopping for groceries at a bulk store and small markets might feel like going back to the past, to when life was less disposable; to when we knew who produced and who sold what we used and ate at home.

10 Advantages of bulk shopping

  1. You will reduce the amount of waste you produce daily.

  2. You will reduce food waste at home because you will buy exactly what you need. You won't be restricted to the package you find at the supermarket.

  3. You will be supporting local commerce and making your neighborhood more dynamic by choosing the small stores.

  4. Linked to the point above, it is easier to know where your products come from when you get them in a bulk shop rather than in the supermarket.

  5. You will save money. It's a matter of comparing prices. It is true that some products can be more expensive in a bulk shop, but since you will leave away many others, the odds are always in your favor.

  6. You will have a more diverse diet. Since there is no limit in the amount of product you can buy, you will be able to try new food and incorporate it to your diet.

  7. You will see what you buy. That means you can determine the state and quality of the product yourself.

  8. You will reduce the environmental impact: The products we see at supermarkets have traveled thousands of kilometers before we see them in the shelves and their distribution chains are complex. So much transportation means higher CO2 emissions.

  9. You will acquire a different, healthier and loving relationship with food. You will feel more interested about food itself, its variety and nutritional value and the different ways you may cook them or mix them.

  10. Your kitchen will look so pretty! It may seem silly, but a kitchen with beautiful transparent jars and boxes that allow you to see their content instead of half-full packages is always worthy of some appreciation, right?

Some tips

  1. Make up a set of fabric bags or glass jars.

    1. The advantage of the bags is that they take up less space and you can carry them around.

    2. In the shop, they will first weigh your bags/jars/boxes and then "tare" the scale. (This means the scale goes back to zero with your container on it so only the product you are buying is weighed and charged for).

  2. If you are buying liquids, check at home the capacity of your bottles. Liquids are sold rather by volume than by weight.

  3. For fruits and vegetables you can take only one (or two) big bags. After each vegetable or fruit is weighed, put it in the big bag and you are ready to go.

  4. What if I forgot my containers or don't have any? In most bulk shops you will find either paper bags or glass containers that you can re-use later or that you can directly take to the recycling centers of your city.

Check our sale points in Mexico, most of them are bulk shops!

At TeethTab we want to make sure we deliver you a high quality product for oral hygiene with the least possible damage to the planet. Our toothpaste tablets are designed to be part of a plastic-free, #zerowaste lifestyle. This means you can refill them with our refill package or in the very same bulk shops we have been telling you about. In this way we hope that, with TeethTab, your oral hygiene habits become part of your #zerowaste lifestyle or start your up in it.

Buying in bulk shops is one of the most beautiful parts of a sustainable life. When we change our way of consuming and begin to shop in those places that represent the values that move us, shopping ceases to be a selfish act. In that way it becomes an act that encompasses the welfare and benefit of all parties involved, from producers, transporters and local vendors, to our house, the Earth ”.

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Thank you for reading us.

Your team, TeethTab.

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