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More foam does NOT mean better cleansing

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

We commonly find information either in social media or in TV comparing the amount of foam certain cleaning product produces versus another, relating it to the actual cleaning capacity of said product. However, is that much foam actually necessary for a good buccal hygiene?

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The answer is NO.

Relating foam with cleansing is really just in our minds. The amount of foam has little to no effect on the cleaning capacity of the products. The foam is generated by chemical compounds such as Sodium laureth sulfate, added to shampoos and in this case, toothpaste, just for that purpose.

Sodium laureth sulfate or SLS is a low-cost, efficient surfactant. This is why a lot of companies use it. But, is it safe? There are several studies revealing that SLS is a skin irritant and that it is able to penetrate it and get to the bloodstream. This chemical compound is related to dental problems, mouth ulcers, gum irritation and even cancer. It is also classified as an insecticide, producing high toxicity to marine life once it gets to the oceans.

Foam is generally produced by chemical compounds which contribute to higher risk of dental problems such as mouth ulcers, gum irritation and even cancer. They are also toxic to marine life.

Now, do not misunderstand us. Foam is necessary in a toothpaste because it allows the other ingredients to be equally distributed and also provides a nice sensation during the brushing.

Having a lot of foam just makes us think our product is cleaning better, when it's actually the other ingredients and their distribution what makes a product a good cleanser.

TeethTab uses natural ingredients. Amongst them we find Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, which is our foam-making surfactant. This ingredient is derived from coconut oil, does not have preservatives and its best quality is that it is easily biodegradable. Our solid toothpaste tablets will give you the cleansing you need without the negative consequences of using purely chemical products.

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